Friday, October 29, 2010

Personal Research-Allee

Today I spent about an hour posting cartoons on the blog and fixing small details. :)

Coordinator Report-Team Meeting-10/29/10

Today, we posted to the blog and organized our binder. We're more than half way done with the blog, which is a good stepping point.

Thanks for all your work team!


Work today

Today I spent an hour and a half typing up and printing off cartoon evaluations. We met as a team in the library, and I spent my time uploading and posting things on our blog.
Yesterday I met with the team in the library. It was awesome, they are all great and I love posting on the blog.

I am currently at the library blissfully anticipating thier arival and finalizing my cartoon analysis.

Team Meeting

We met in the library for an hour and went over particulars for the blog. We also talked about how to meticulously analyze our cartoons so they're well-done. I spent another hour going over evaluations and their wording.

Personal Research-Allee

Tonight I spent around an hour and a half analyzing cartoons are putting them on the blog. With both Rhett's and my sections almost done, I feel like it's really coming along well. In our meeting tomorrow, we need to focus on our binder. It's 15% of our grade!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oct. 28- Individual labor- Rhett

...though it certainly isn't immigrant labor! I spent an hour after the group project, from about 1:20-2:20, working on my individual analyses since I, to my terror, realized that I needed to re-find all of the URLs for the hard copy of my cartoons in order to place them on the breakingborders blog. That sure was laborious and stressful. I also came back from 4:30-5 to work on it a bit after doing some newspaper work and study from another class. Then, after a business presentation, Statesman staff meeting and SI, I returned and from 7:30 until now (9:07) have been finding more cartoons and creating new analyses for the breakingborders website. That preceded work on the hard copies for the portfolio. Three glorious hours overall spent on this project individually today, and it's going very well.

Oct. 28-Still pluggin'- Rhett

Today was another team meeting. It went extremely well in my opinion. We brought together all of the analysis to be placed onto the website that Allee has created. She invited us through e-mail to be a part of the website/blog, and now we are good to go to place and prepare our analyses on the blog in preparation for next week. I would say today we also drew closer together as a group, which is always good to see. On that topic, you might want to ask the other team members.

Coordinator Report-Team Meeting 10/28

Today, everybody attended our meeting. I showed everybody how how to post on the project blog. Updated our profiles on blogger, and started to post content to the project blog. Each of us has two assigned sections, that need to be done by Monday. We'll meet again before the project is due.


my work - jake

Alright, spent awhile working on the introduction for the site this morning before the team meeting, and I believe that's all I have for this post.

Personal Research-Allee

Yesterday, I spent three hours doing research, analyzing cartoons, and writing my portion of the blog.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October 27- Individual Research- Rhett

Today, I spent a couple of hours in the evening at the library doing a lot more research on pro-illegal immigration in preparation for our group meeting tomorrow. I also did analysis papers on a couple of more political cartoons, and found other really good political cartoons in support of undocumented workers. I read some articles in support of the issue, and pulled five of them to be able to have text to reference to when I place what I have researched onto the website that Allee, it looks like, has so beautifully and laboriously been designing.

Personal Research-Allee

Yesterday, I spent another hour or two on the blog, and an hour analyzing cartoons.

Meeting Tomorrow (10/28)

We're meeting in room 120 in the library tomorrow. It's reserved from 12-1:30 tomorrow. Be there or fail- seriously. :)

Final Cartoon Research

I just spent two hours re-evaluating, researching, and rewriting my evaluations of the historical cartoons.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yesterday's Meeting

We met in the library for an hour yesterday, and each group member was to evaluate the 4 cartoons and give a hard copy or email a digital version to me (Mariah). Today Nick gave me a hard copy of 3 international cartoons before class. Rhett and Allee gave me their cartoons and evaluations. Jake emailed me his cartoons and evaluations.

My work so far...

I've worked on my cartoon analysis(es?) for a couple hours, and then got them into a MS Word document to email to Mariah because I'm sick today.

On Thursday during class time, we should have all of our web pages for the blog written down, and then we will organize the blog together, and put all of the information in. Also, we could work on the binder with Mariah, while one person gets their info posted on the computer.

Almost done, guys! Keep up the good work =]

Monday, October 25, 2010

Allee-Blog Work

Today I spent 5 hours working on the blog design and researching some videos.


Coordinator Report-Team Meeting-10/25/10

Today in our team meeting we worked on the blog design. We decided that we need to have all of our cartoons to Mariah by tomorrow at noon. We look over each other's cartoons, and made some edits that we'll change before we finalize the binder. By Thursday we need to all of our materials to get the blog up.

Thanks guys!


October 25- Group Project- from Rhett

Today we showed each other what we had individually worked on. Most of us have our analysis papers complete. I myself need to do a bit more research, but it's been beneficial asking the team members their opinions of my analysis papers and if they are accurate. It has helped me realize that I need to be a bit more accurate on a few of the papers, so I will adjust that tonight in time for tomorrow by class.

October 25- Individual- Rhett

Today I spent time in the morning working on my analysis papers and doing more research on my topic, pro-undocumented immigrants. I need to change a couple of my analysis papers to be more accurate on the positive or negative portrayals of immigrants and immigration policies. I am having a lot of challenges with finding the title of the cartoon, but I will find them.

Group Project Oct. 21- a Post from Rhett

Today, we made a lot of great progress. We assigned tabs/topics from the website that Allee is primarily creating to each person, i.e. pro-immigration, anti-immigration, international cartoons, historical cartoons, and other topics. We also set deadlines to have the analysis papers prepared, along with research for our projects on those same topics.

group meeting

I missed our first meeting on wensday because I am forgetful.
I have been to all other group meetings...
I have done about two hours research on the topic of international cartoons, specifically the israely pallestinian conflict.

Group Work Oct. 20- from Rhett

Today we brought together the political cartoons that we had looked up, researched, and printed online. We spent some time selecting what cartoons we wanted to use, because among four of us we had probably close to 40 slides. We also separated them into different categories of pro-immigration, anti-immigration, relating to the United States, and how many historical cartoons we want to incorporate.

Historical Editorial Cartoon Research

I just spent 2 hours researching and filling out evaluation forms for my historical cartoons. I need to re-write them and do a little more research before they are ready for the book, but so far it's going good. I am having some trouble finding information for old cartoons (such as who the cartoonist is, which publication, exact date of publication) but I'll ask Professor Cooper/ the TAs about that. Now it's time for our third team meeting in the library.

My Post

So far, everything has flowed, and seems to be great! Getting ideas down seems to be a doozy, but once we've got it, everyone has liked it (or at least pretended they liked it haha). I've got all of my cartoons and Cartoon Analysis Worksheets for them done. I'm waiting for most of our blog to be up before I write an intro for it, so that won't be done for a couple more days.

Speaking of which, can we get a link and invite to the project blog?

Anyway, as far as I know, we are all up-to-speed with our project, and have great plans for it to look neat and professional. Can't wait to see how it all molds together!

Coordinator Report-Team Meeting-10/22/10

Today we had a VERY successful team meeting. We decided on some particulars of our blog, and made specific assignments for the binder. There will 10 sections on our blog. The assignments are as follows:
Allee-Obama Administration
Rhett-Pro Immigration Cartoons
Jake-Anti Immigration Cartoons
Mariah-Historical Cartoons
Nick-International Cartoons

The more general sections are:
Mariah-The Facts

We'll meet again on Monday. By then we need have finished analyzing our cartoons and have background research for the blog.

Please remember, if we want a good grade on the project, we all need to be posting!


Meeting last Thursday

Our team met in room 112 in the library. We decided which tabs to include on our blog project and divided up responsibilities. In terms of cartoon evaluations, we decided that each person would research a specific type of cartoon (anti-immigration, pro-immigration, political adgenda, historical, international). The team coordinator wrote down what each person's responsibility was. I was assigned to research 4 historical cartoons and research the facts. We decided to meet again on Monday (today) at 2:30 in the library.

*New Room for Meeting*

At 2:30 today, we will be in room 146 in the library. Please be there with cartoons!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Coordinator Report-Team Meeting-10/20/10

In our first team meeting we sorted through political cartoons, trying to pick cartoons that covered a variety of viewpoints. We looked at some historical cartoons and tried to relate them to immigration today.

We decided that we wanted to create a blog, rather than a movie, because it would allow us to work independently and would spread the work out among us equally.

Jobs Assigned:

Allee-Blog Maintenance
Jake-Technical/Blog Movies
Mariah-Analyzing Cartoons
Rhett-Analyzing Cartoons
Nick-Did not attend meeting

Our next team meeting will be today, at noon. We hope to finish our binder of cartoons and set up the blog.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meeting in library

Today our team met for an hour in the library. Each of us spent time prior to the meeting finding/printing out editorial cartoons. We decided that for tomorrow we would pick our four favorite and fill out evaluation sheets for each of them so that collectively we would have enough for the binder. Tomorrow we plan to go through each evaluation as a group and add any additional ideas/interpretations our group has of each cartoon.

We also decided we would do a blog for our project so it can be well-organized and easier for people who need to work independently.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Group Meeting

Our first meeting is Wednesday in room 112 at the library. Make sure to bring five cartoons. Let's knock this project out!