Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oct. 28- Individual labor- Rhett

...though it certainly isn't immigrant labor! I spent an hour after the group project, from about 1:20-2:20, working on my individual analyses since I, to my terror, realized that I needed to re-find all of the URLs for the hard copy of my cartoons in order to place them on the breakingborders blog. That sure was laborious and stressful. I also came back from 4:30-5 to work on it a bit after doing some newspaper work and study from another class. Then, after a business presentation, Statesman staff meeting and SI, I returned and from 7:30 until now (9:07) have been finding more cartoons and creating new analyses for the breakingborders website. That preceded work on the hard copies for the portfolio. Three glorious hours overall spent on this project individually today, and it's going very well.

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