Thursday, December 2, 2010

Time working... (cont. 2)

Well, I took about an hour break... Then had to watch a movie for Creative Arts for two hours or so... but other than that, I've been steady goin'! Two scenes done... Plus most of the stuff put in the right order in iMovie... Only like 3 or 4 more to go! Then put the flashes in... Hopefully the team likes it. It's A LOT better than my last previews and tests... So I hope this work hasn't gone for nothing... Man, this has really been a long time editing and I'm kinda tired, but the show must go on! Gotta get this done... Honestly, it's been pretty fun and the time has flown. I didn't realize it was 4:30am until... well, 4:30am hahaha... I don't know whether I should keep going or get some sleep... When there's a deadline for a movie project it kinda worries me and I just wanna keep goin' and get it done, but I don't know... Plus, when you stay up so late, and go to bed, it's almost harder to get up, ya know? Anyway... Guess I'll see what happens when I get back from getting a drink. Freakin' excited!!

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